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2022-06-07 08:11:32 By : Ms. Flora Lu

As a U-shaped steel frame, the product is easy to install and move to serve in construction works.According to Mr. Le Mai Huu Lam - Director of Cat Van Loi Industrial Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd., international-class project investors and the world's leading consulting firms often strictly monitor and select the best products. quality, reputable multi-purpose strut to serve and execute these works.From strict requirements, the company has become one of the suppliers providing the entire Unistrut multi-purpose strut and accessories for construction and installation.Unistrut multi-purpose strut has been applied to install and construct rack suspension systems in electromechanical systems (M&E).Products are widely used in many developed countries around the world in factory and high-rise buildings since 1950 with many different common names such as Flexstrut, Unistrut, SuperStrut, UltraSTRUT, Strut, Strut profile, C -Channel.Currently on the market there are 2 types of Unistrut universal struts, 41x41 and 41x21, with two standard lengths of 3m and 6m.The multi-purpose bar is made from pre-galvanized steel and hot-dip galvanized steel.In Vietnam, the Unistrut multi-purpose strut has been tested at Intel factory, Bitexco Financial Tower, Times Square building, First Solar factory...Outstanding features of Unistrut . multi-purpose strutNo need to use a welding machine when installingUnistrut multi-purpose strut is used to make the frame but does not need to use welding or drilling holes.Users only need to use canopy, bolt and spring clip, and Unistrut bars will easily connect to each other.Fast construction and installation timeQuick installation with simple tools and techniques reduces installation costs and construction time.Easy installation with other suppliesUsers can easily add, move and change the position of clamps for hanging steel conduit or threaded tubes, ladders and cable trays...Unistrut multi-purpose strut 41x41, 41x21 perforated.Applications of Universal strut UnistrutDue to meeting safety load testing standards in the electrical, mechanical and construction industries, the product is selected by contractors and used for many large, modern and complex projects such as airports, hotels. chemical industry park.Product application for suspension and support systems in high technologyUnistrut multi-purpose struts are mainly used in the construction industry with high-tech applications due to their high quality criteria, easy installation in large quantities and reasonable costs.In particular, the product is applied in electromechanical and water supply and drainage (MEP) systems.Unistrut bar is designed, fabricated and installed for green and clean office renovation projects as well as new and modern constructions of large and small scale.Applications in Data Center Data CenterThe product is used in the construction of national data centers due to its flexible, efficient and cost-effective design.Besides, the Unistrut bar has accessories that make installation easier and more convenient.Application in construction projects of medical equipment facilities, hospitalsThe product is installed on high ceilings, saving space.Unistrut bars also bring many benefits in structural support systems for projects, medical equipment factories, hospitals.Unistrut multi-purpose strut application in data center.Cat Van Loi Company is providing a full package of M&E electrical equipment and materials for the project from Unistrut multi-purpose struts, to Unistrut's accessories, cable ladders, cable trays, mesh trays... quality, durability, cost optimization and thoughtful warranty.Besides.Cat Van Loi Company also accepts production according to the requirements and sizes of customers.The representative of Cat Van Loi said that the Unistrut multi-purpose strut of this company met the standards of BS EN ISO 1461:1999, BS EN 10147: 1992 for zinc coating and safety load testing, at the standard technical center. Quality measurement Quatest 3. Products are manufactured on modern technological lines of Taiwan and are monitored and strictly followed according to the quality management system ISO 9001:2015.Notes from Cat Van Loi CompanyBuying all products from the same manufacturer will help ensure the consistency and stable quality of the project according to international standards, while ensuring the construction progress and minimizing risks in many places. difference.Therefore, electromechanical engineers and contractors will not have to hesitate when choosing Unistrut multi-purpose struts and CVL electromechanical materials.Typical projects such as Bitexco building, Saigon Center commercial center, Lotte supermarket system, Noi Bai International Airport (Hanoi), Tan Son Nhat International Airport (Terminal 2 - Ho Chi Minh City), Tetra Pak factory (Binh Duong), Thai Binh 1 thermal power plant, Vinh Tan thermal power plant... are all works that effectively apply the installation of Unistrut multi-purpose struts of Cat Van Loi Company.(Source: Cat Van Loi)