Stock trading session on the afternoon of June 14: Oil and gas group helped the market to have a slight recovery session

2022-06-19 01:28:20 By : Mr. Danny Du

Author Lac NhanAfter certain difficulties in the morning session and gradually stabilizing in terms of VN-Index's score, the market entered the afternoon session with more prosperity, when the index gradually increased to the threshold of 1,240 points.However, the market sentiment is still quite fragile and the cash flow is still out, causing VN-Index to run out of thrust and turn to go below reference.However, thanks to the energy from the oil and gas group, especially GAS, VN-Index had enough strength to recover, avoiding the 4th consecutive drop.In addition to the oil and gas group, the banking group was once again used every time the market crashed.Although there were also 3 strong losers, VIB, LPB and TPB, of which VIB hit the floor, the green colors dominated the group, especially with the presence of "big brother" VCB, contributing to stopping the decline. of the market.Meanwhile, investors who participated in bottom-fishing steel stocks last Thursday (June 9) had one more pain when the stock arrived in their accounts and suffered a loss of about 10%, even 15 %.Closing, HOSE had 173 gainers and 288 losers (24 stocks fell to the floor), VN-Index gained 3.27 points (+0.27%), to 1,230.31 points.The total trading volume reached more than 560.88 million units, worth 14,515.8 billion dong, down 24% in volume and 22% in value compared to yesterday.The put-through transaction contributed more than 41.7 million shares, valued at VND1,374 billion.The blue-chips were strongly differentiated and only a few changed strongly, such as in the VN30 basket, GAS, when extending the momentum to close to the ceiling price when closing +6.8 % to 126,000 dong and was the main pillar when contributing more than 4 positive points for VN-Index.Some stocks also gained quite well, such as FPT +3.4 % to 891,000 dong, PNJ +3.3% to 116,000 dong, BVH +2.6% to 51,400 dong, PLX +2.6% to 43,100 dong, MWG +2.5% to 143,500 VND.The rest like GVR +1.9%, STB +1.5%, HDB +1.4%, while VCB, VRE, VIC, VPB, NNL only inched up slightly, while POW, CTG, VHM stopped at reference. .On the contrary, SSI extended its downward momentum, even at one point dropped to the floor, ending the session -6.2% to 24,350 dong, also fell deeply HPG -4.7% to 30,300 dong, TPB -4.2 % to 26,500 dong, MSN -2.5% to 106,300 dong, KDH -2.3% to 39,000 dong, SAB -2% to 150,000 dong, while VJC, PDR, VNM, MBB, TCB were lucky to only drop slightly below first%.Liquidity of three stocks HPG, POW, SSI was the highest on the floor, with HPG matching 28.4 million shares, POW matching 20.9 million shares, SSI matching 18.1 million shares.Bank codes followed with STB matching 12.4 million, VPB matching 11.5 million, MBB matching 8.73 million, TPB matching 4 million and TCB matching more than 3.7 million units.In small and medium-sized stocks, the selling increased in steel, besides HPG, HSG was on the floor at -6.9% to 18,750 dong, NKG -5.7% to 20,700 dong, TLH -3.1% to 10,800 dong, SMC -3.2% down 24,000 dong, POM -3.5% down 8,100 dong.Securities companies also dropped rapidly following the decline of SSI, with APG and TVB hitting the floor at VND 7,600 and VND 8,080, FTS -6.6% to VND 33,200, VND -6.5% to VND 20,900, CTS -5.9% down 17,700 dong, VCI -5.8% down 34,200 dong, HCM -5.5% down 19,800 dong, VIX -4.3% down 11,000 dong, ORS -3.6% down 14,800 dong, VDS -3.4% down 18,500 dong.A series of real estate and construction stocks fell sharply and "cleaned the floor" such as DRH, FIT, FLC, LCG, PTL, CKG, HTN, KHG, UIC, LDG, VRC, TCD...The sharp drop was not less, from names like DIG -6.8% to 45,100 dong, TTB -6.5% to 4,310 dong, TEG -6.8% to 9,830 dong, CIG -6.6% to 6,600 copper...Some other notable stocks such as DBC and VIB, also found the floor price when closing at 21,300 dong and 22,600 dong.In the group of other highly liquid stocks, stocks of HHV, FRT, AMD, DLG, FCN, KSB, VCG, APH, TCH, TTF, SCR, CII, ASM, ROS, HBC, BCG also dropped sharply, from over 2.5% to more than 4%, while HQC, IDI, ITA, CII only decreased slightly, matching from 1.57 million to more than 7.2 million units.In the opposite direction, still VGC, ANV is the bright spot when maintaining the ceiling price.Along with that, some stocks also jumped up strongly such as fertilizer pair DCM +5.7% to 38,800 dong and DPM +4.1% to 60,400 dong, matched 6.32 million and 5.75 million dong. unit.Or in the utility group, with electricity and water stocks, NT2 + 5.1% to 28,700 dong, REE + 4.6% to 90,500 dong, GEG +2.5% to 24,600 dong...In addition to the above-mentioned increase in the oil and gas group GAS and PLX, some also prospered, such as CNG + 5.1% to 41,000 dong, PVD + 4.5% to 22,200 dong, PVT +3.2% to 21,000 dong.Not a few other individual stocks had other notable strong gains such as MIG +5.3% to 30,000 VND, CTR +4.7 % to 83,000 VND, banking stocks SSB +4.4% to 33,000 VND, HDG +3.9% to 53,500 VND, DGC +3.3% to 125,800 VND, BMI +3.2% to 30,800 VND...Other green colors were also present in HAG, GEX, DXG, AAA, GMD, VHC, KBC, PAN, NLG, CMX, HAH, with some inching around 2%, matching liquidity from 2.1 million to more than 9, 4 million units.On the HNX, the situation was similar on the HOSE, when the HNX-Index inched up right after returning and gradually lowered its height, sometimes falling below reference before bouncing up slightly in the last minutes.At the close, HNX had 89 gainers and 120 losers, HNX-Index gained 1.71 points (+0.59%) to 290.08 points.Total matched volume reached more than 63.1 million units, worth 1,351 billion dong.The put-through transaction had an additional 1.25 million units, worth VND 30.2 billion.PVS stock was the hottest spot on the floor, skyrocketing to the ceiling price of +9.9% to 29,900 dong, and was also the most liquid stock on the floor with 11.51 million shares.Other significant greens were TAR +8.4% to VND 28,300, PVC +7.2% to VND 22,200, TNG +5.4% to VND 29,200, LAS +4.4% to VND 14,300, KLF + 3% to 3,400 dong, ART and IDC inched more than 2%...On the contrary, LIG ​​fell deeply -8.5% to 6,500 dong, MST -7.5% to 12,400 dong, HUT -5.7% to 26,300 dong, BII -5.3% to 3,600 dong, TVC -3.3 % down to 8,800 dong, APS -3.2% down to 6,000 dong...On UpCoM, not different from the two main indexes, UpCoM-Index also inched up as soon as it reopened in the session and weakened to below reference before rebounding in green at the close.Closing the session, UpCoM-Index gained 0.09 points (+0.1%), to 90.62 points.Total matched volume reached more than 52.4 million units, worth 1,164 billion dong.The put through transaction had an additional 4.07 million shares equal 159.5 billion dong.Still the stock BSR made a difference, when matched to more than 22.79 million units, the stock increased sharply by 7.8% to 31,900 dong.Shares in the same industry were OIL +2.9% to 14,300 dong, matched nearly 2 million shares.There was also LTG +5.1% to 41,100 VND, LMH +3.8% to 8,100 VND.The rest in red belonged to C4G, VHG, SBS, ABS, PAS, DDV, VGI, BOT, DRI, G36, matched from 0.4 million to 3.65 million units.On the derivatives market, the most recent expiration VN30F2206 futures contract increased by 8.1 points, or +0.64% to 1,268.3 points, matched orders reached more than 353,000 units, with an open volume of more than 37,700 units.In the warrant market, two codes CFPT2203 and CSTB2210 led the liquidity, matched 1.42 million and 1.18 million shares and both increased.In which, CFPT2203 increased by 15.7% to 4,200 VND/cq, while CSTB2210 increased by 2.1% to 490 VND/cq.print articleEditor-in-Chief: Le Trong MinhMember of the Editorial Board - Editorial Secretary: Dang Tuan Khanh© Copyright by Investment Newspaper – Agency of the Ministry of Planning and Investment.License number 541/GP-BTTTT issued by the Ministry of Information and Communications on August 23, 2021License for specialized pages No. 68/GP-CBC issued by the Press Department on September 1, 2021® Specify the source “” when you redistribute information from this website.