Nokia C31 stripped of its parts (video) | Nokiamob

2022-09-03 05:39:00 By : Mr. Larry Camel

Nokia C31 is the most budget-friendly device that Nokia Mobile announced yesterday at its IFA2022 event. Although it is going to be sold for approximately 129€, this device looks nice in the hand, and even in the specs.

These are the key specs of Nokia C31:

Check out the disassembly video

The internal structure and components of the device are also good, although there are some hardware parts that scream affordable. The best example is the loudspeaker which is made as a large box in the Nokia G60 and most likely in Nokia X30, while the C31 has it much smaller and connected with two shabby-looking wires to the lower motherboard. Well, that is what the 200€ price difference looks like. Anyways, I do hope that Nokiamobile can improve this part in the future since it looks disappointing at least.

However, Nokia C31 also has an aluminium frame which will ensure that the device is structurally strong and durable. I like to see that the back cover is quite easy to take off although the battery is fixed by glue in the position.

Thanks to TechnoRabin for sharing this video!

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