GlobeScout XPAN+ Lugage for BMW Adventure Motorcycles - Adventure Rider

2022-06-19 01:29:06 By : Ms. cindy Lin

If you live in the US or Canada and you’re looking for luggage to fit your BMW Adventure motorcycle, GlobeScout might be worth a look. The new XPAN+ cases, made out of an aluminum-magnesium alloy, are custom made to fit OEM BMW GSA carriers, if you’re looking for replacement luggage that doesn’t require aftermarket racks.

GlobeScout claims these bags are the “strongest pannier side cases on the market.” Unlike quite a lot of other manufacturers, GlobeScout uses no plastic components in their luggage.

The panniers offer dual-hinge lids with a tethered latch system. With this feature, you can open them from either side (the front or the back), or remove the lids altogether. That will make packing easier.

The lids also have dual seals, to keep stuff like water, dust, or pollen from getting into your bags. They compress on closure so tomorrow’s clothes won’t come out of your bags already muddy.

All of the bags’ hardware is made of high-grade stainless steel: the locks, supports, frames, rivets, nuts, bolts, washers, latch parts, and brackets. Photo: GlobeScout How to Attach Them

If you do need them, GlobeScout also offers carriers (racks) for your BMW. If your bike did not come with OEM luggage racks, you’ll need those, too.

The XPAN+ set of panniers that fits BMW models, fits all of: 2014-2019 BMW R1200 LC Adventure, 2019-2021 R1250 GS Adventure, 2017-2021 F750 GS, and 2019-2021 F850 GS. The bags fit the GSA OEM bag mounts. The other bikes listed will need a carrier from GlobeScout. If you instead you own a 2014-2021 BMW R1200 / 1250 GS LC, you can purchase the GlobeScout carrier for that and fit the bags.

An example of their pricing: two cases (one 45L and one 40L with accommodation for the exhaust pipe) including the mounting kit with pucks and hardware, will run you a thousand dollars for a bare aluminum finish, or $1200 for the black finish. A Few More Details

They’re not available powder-coated (though you could certainly do that yourself, after the fact). GlobeScout is based out of Istanbul, Turkey. A mechanical engineer founded the company in 2008 to fill a hole in the adventure motorcycling luggage market. These panniers are now available through the Lindeco Powersports distributor for shipping to Canada and the United States.