Glamping at Jewel Ridge – No Hassle Camping at Sipsey Creek Farms | Rocket City Mom | Huntsville events, activities, and resources for families.

2022-11-08 04:49:24 By : Ms. Kailyn Weng

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Glamping at Sipsey Creek offers a stunning view of the night sky. Led Headlamp Strong Light

Glamping at Jewel Ridge – No Hassle Camping at Sipsey Creek Farms | Rocket City Mom | Huntsville events, activities, and resources for families.

The kids will love cooking over the campfire while camping.

Enjoy incredible views of waterfalls during your stay.

The tent offers plenty of space for a family game night.

Catch a beautiful sunset while on your camping trip.

One of the hardest things about camping with kids is worrying about setting up a tent, finding firewood, worrying about remembering everything you need to go camping, trying to get any sleep, all while keeping your little ones entertained and fed. Could you imagine an experience where you drive up to a campsite, the tent is already put up, there’s firewood next to the fire pit, you sleep in a queen size bed, and there is plenty of entertainment for you and the children? Glamping at Sipsey Creek Farms can offer all the benefits of camping, without any of the hassle.

We spent the night at a glamping site in Bankhead National Forest at Sipsey Creek Farms . Before check-in we woke up in our own beds and packed up the car and drove a little over an hour to Bankhead National Forest We spent the late morning and early afternoon hiking Turkeyfoot Falls and Mize Mills Falls . We sat at the bottom of Mize Mills for well over an hour, letting the little ones throw rocks, build dirt piles, looking at bugs, and climbing on the downed trees and boulders. If you aren’t sure footed or experienced hiking, I would suggest a waterfall like Kinlock Falls or Caney Creek Falls to start. Bankhead is beautiful, but it is also unforgiving. 

After hiking a bit, we stopped by the camp site to check-in and unpack. Given it’s a tent in a field, check-in was a breeze (non-existent). The tent was incredibly easy to find on their property and we could park close to the tent for unpacking. We walked into the tent, and it felt like magical tent from Harry Potter, where it appears small on the outside, but is huge on the inside. Inside the tent there was a queen-sized bed, 2 cots for the kids, blankets, coffee (French press), gas heater, apple butter, small seating space, and fire extinguisher/fire alarm. There was a welcome packet on the bed with clear concise instructions and house rules. There was an easily accessible toilet near the campsite, but if you don’t want to go in an outhouse style toilet, a full toilet was offered in the “barn” less than 50 yds away.

The “barn” was more of a giant shed which had a full kitchen including stove/stovetop, fridge, microwave, and some cookware where you are allowed to cook your food and clean your dishes. My favorite amenity that was offered was an outdoor shower with HOT water. At the campsite there was a firepit, firewood, seating, a cooler, lights around the campsite, and a hammock. After we unpacked, we took some time to walk around the farm. Our kids enjoyed looking at the farm animals and playing on the provided playset. 

After we checked-in to the Airbnb, we drove through scenic country 20 minutes down the road to Natural Bridge. Natural Bridge is the longest standing rock arch east of the Rockies, and it is IMPRESSIVE. Natural Bridge cost $3.50 for adults, $2.50 for kids, and free for children under 6. We spent this time being “wowed” by the bridge and hiking around the property.

We went back to the campsite to cook dinner, eat, and of course, finishing dinner with s’mores (bonus: s’more roasting stick provided!). It started getting dark around 630pm. I think one of the benefits of camping is how late it feels when the sun sets. We star gazed with the kids for about an hour next to a slowly fading fire. Being away from the city lights, the night sky was filled with stars. Our kids went to sleep by 730pm and slept all night. After the kids went to bed, us parents laid in the hammock together and got some much-needed alone time watching the stars rotate overhead counting the shooting stars and listening to the fire slowly die. We retired to our beds and were asleep by 9pm. 

The next morning, we woke up to an amazing sunrise. We made eggs and bacon in the barn and ate around the campfire (my kids ate a few roasted marshmallows as well). We packed up that morning and hiked around the property. The property itself was worth exploring as it offered beautiful trees, caves, and a waterfall (which we ran out of time to find). We then headed back to the car and went home. My kids were exhausted and were quiet the entire trip home. They already want to go “glamping” again.

Things to do on the property: Camping activities – campfire, cooking, and s’mores Hiking on the property – miles of hiking trails with bluffs, caves, and a waterfall Star Gazing – enjoy nighttime in the country. Kids Playset – slide, climb, and swing! Farm Animals- They have ducks, llamas, sheep, turkey, cows, ect Roaming pig – The roaming pig is a big boy you can pet!

Things to do off the property: Hiking Bankhead National Forest “Land of a Thousand Falls”– Miles of hiking to some of the most beautiful waterfalls and blue water in Alabama. With kids I suggest Caney Creek Falls and Kinlock Falls ! Natural Bridge Park – The longest rock arch east of the Rockies Smith Lake – Lake activities nearby for you water-lovers!

Location: 3816 County Road 78, Double Springs, AL 35553, United States ( map )

Communication is through Airbnb or Instagram

Hours: Check-in is after 3 pm, checkout is before 12 pm 

Cost: Expect to pay around $100 per night. Shorter stays will be a bit more per night and longer stays will be a bit less per night.

Parking is available onsite and is free.

Bathrooms – Bathrooms are available in the “barn” and there is an outhouse available near the campsite

Getting in and out of the tent would be difficult for anyone with limited mobility. You do drive very close to the campsite, so hiking is not necessary.

Other: There are plenty of activities on the farm and in the surrounding area

David grew up in Birmingham, went to college in Tuscaloosa, and currently lives in Huntsville as an engineer. David loves exploring the outdoors exploring Huntsville and its surrounding areas seeing all the different views, caves, and waterfalls with his 2 daughters and wife.

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Glamping at Jewel Ridge – No Hassle Camping at Sipsey Creek Farms | Rocket City Mom | Huntsville events, activities, and resources for families.

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