Types of Unistrut bars used to install solar power frames

2022-06-07 08:11:30 By : Ms. Hilary Li

Unistrut multi-purpose struts have been applied to install and construct supporting frames for solar power in developed countries such as the US, Canada and Japan with many names: UniStrut, Strut profile, C-Channel or Universal Channel .5 advantages of Unistrut bar in solar power installationThanks to its convenient and flexible characteristics, shortening construction time and economic benefits, Unistrut multi-purpose bar has been widely used by construction contractors in solar power plant projects. or rooftop solar power (Solar farm / Solar rooftop) to make the frame of the panel.Representative Cat Van Loi said that there are 2 types of Unistrut struts, 41x41 mm and 41x21 mm, with 2 standard lengths: 3m and 6m or cut to a preset length.Unistrut multi-purpose bar is made from pre-galvanized steel for indoor and hot-dip galvanized steel for outdoor with steel thickness of 1.5 - 2.6 mm .Representative Cat Van Loi analyzed that, in Vietnam, from August to December every year, our country always suffers from many tropical storms, especially extreme weather due to climate change taking place on a daily basis. the faster.Therefore, using Unistrut steel multi-purpose bar support frame brings material and structural strength much higher than traditional aluminum materials.However, the production cost of Unistrut bar in hot-dip galvanized steel (according to ASTM A 123; high quality and long service life up to 25 years) is always about 30% higher than aluminum material.Therefore, the use of aluminum multi-purpose bar is still popular in countries such as Vietnam, India and China.Unistrut Cat Van Loi bar - the choice of many solar power plantsA representative of Cat Van Loi said that at the factory of Cat Van Loi Industrial Electrical Equipment Manufacturing Joint Stock Company, 3 Unistrut production lines are controlled by the quality management system ISO 9001: 2015, from the original source. The main material of coiled steel products meets the standards of JIS G 3321/JIS G 3302 of Hoa Sen Steel Group to the load test standards of MFMA.Representative Cat Van Loi shared, from June 2020 until now, all Unistrut bar production lines have been running continuously, to keep up with the progress commitments of solar power projects that are being tested day and night. labour.Some typical solar power plants can be mentioned such as: Nam Ninh Thuan, Hong Liem - Binh Thuan, Trung Nam - Ninh Thuan, Dau Tieng - Tay Ninh, Binh Nguyen - Quang Ngai, and Cat solar power plants. Hiep - Binh Dinh, Krong Pa - Gia Lai and rooftop solar power for Hoa Sen Ton Factory (Phu My - Nhon Hoa - Nhon Hoi).A representative of Cat Van Loi shared that in the context of the Covid-19 epidemic, Cat Van Loi quickly changed his business strategy to match the "new normal" situation and achieved a positive growth rate.In October 2020, Cat Van Loi received two awards: "Ho Chi Minh City Typical Enterprise" in 2020 awarded by the People's Committee of Ho Chi Minh City and the award "Company with typical industrial products and supporting industries" Ho Chi Minh City” 2020. This is the motivation for Cat Van Loi to constantly continue to research and produce supporting industrial products of Vietnam, aiming to replace imported goods, contributing to building the Vietnamese economy. Nam is self-sufficient, mastering future production technology.Cat Van Loi Industrial Electrical Equipment Manufacturing Joint Stock CompanyFactory: Lot F1.2, Road No. 8, Ho Chi Minh City Automotive Mechanic Industrial Park, Hoa Phu, Cu Chi, HCMCOffice: No. 61, Street 7, Cityland Residential Area, Ward 7, Go Vap District, HCMCWebsite: https://www.catvanloi.com(Source: Cat Van Loi)