Buffalo releases WAPM-AX4R Wi-Fi 6 access point with PoE

2022-06-07 08:05:43 By : Ms. chunlin du

Buffalo launched the "WAPM-AX4R" Wi-Fi 6 access point for businesses that enables PoE. It supports 5GHz maximum 1,201Mbps (theoretical value) and 2.4GHz maximum 574Mbps (theoretical value), a large number of 128 units in each band can be connected.

Furthermore, when a radar wave is detected, a DFS failure avoidance function switches the channel to a non-interfering channel quickly, and the "fair communication control function" limits the variance in communication to many terminals and for guests. It offers unique features such as the "guest port function," which easily delivers the Wi-Fi environment. It enables remote administration capabilities through the Internet, such as the free remote management service "Kiki Navi" and the separately offered network management software "WLS-ADT" and "WLS-ADT / LW," which reduces the strain on the network administrator. IEEE802.11b / g / a / n / ac / ax wireless LAN standards are supported, the interface is gigabit LAN x2, console terminal (RJ45) x1, USBx1, and one of the gigabit LAN supports PoE power supply. It can be fitted even if there is no nearby AC outlet. The unit costs 399 USD/EUR.

WLE-OP-SCD The maximum power consumption is 16.3 watts. The main body measures 175 mm broad, 45 mm deep, and 200 mm tall and weighs 1,071 g. (including external antenna and wall mount bracket). A dedicated security cover "WLE-OP-SCD" that protects the main unit's empty terminals and reset buttons is also available as an option.